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Projects built on balena

Some awesome fully-featured projects built using balena.

Name Description
balena-dash Build a Raspberry Pi based desktop dashboard for stats, photos, videos and more!
balena-sense Take readings from a BME680 or similar sensor on a Raspberry Pi, store with InfluxDB and view with Grafana
wifi-repeater Easily create a WiFi Access Point or WiFi repeater with balenaOS
balena-cam Network Camera with Raspberry Pi and WebRTC. Tutorial:
balena-node-red a node-red application with balena-supervisor support, can be managed remotely via balena publicURL
bluetooth Optimized bluetooth agent for balenaOS. Based on BlueZ 5.0.
dashboard Grafana dashboard block with auto-visualization of InfluxDB databases to get your data visualized instantly!
connector Auto-configured data connector block based on Telegraf
xserver A simple X11 server block
fbcp fbcp driver for SPI based displays for Raspberry Pis via fbcp-ili9341
sensor Auto-detects connected i2c sensors and published data on HTTP or MQTT.
multiroom Set up multiroom audio for your fleet of devices. Uses the Snapcast audio player.
autohupr Automatically keep your balenaOS host release up-to-date with this block!
project-template Project template for new Balena projects
pulse A block for counting pulses on a Raspberry Pi GPIO pin.
video-capture Provide an RTSP stream for a connected video source.
lockr-block Create or remove application update locks with the return code of any command.

To find the complete list of projects to try and deploy, head to balenaHub!