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Balena example projects

Below is a selection of "Hello world" examples and feature demonstrations for a wide variety of device types and languages when using balena.

Name Description
balena-nodejs-hello-world Example of how to deploy Node code on a balena supported device.
balena-plant-saver We're building a plant monitor (and saver) - this is the early stage
multicontainer-getting-started Get up and running quickly with a multicontainer setup on balena
internetspeedtest Log your internet download, upload and ping metrics ti influxDB, and Grafana it. Grafana all the things!
balena-python-hello-world Example of how to deploy Python code on a balena supported device.
x11-window-manager Example project showing how to run a desktop manager with balenaCloud in order to run GUI applications.
staged-releases demonstration scripts on how to use the API to do staged releases to a fleet of devices.
coral-streaming-object-detector This example will help you deploy a streaming camera feed with realtime people detection using the Coral Edge TPU for on-device ML inferencing.
balena-aws-lambda Associate balena devices with AWS IoT when they ping a lambda endpoint
balena-storage Sample project to showcase storage mounting on balenaOS.
balena-rust-hello-world Example of how to deploy Rust code on a balena supported device.
wifi-connect-api Example Python web application that uses WiFi Connect's JSON API
jetson-examples Sample applications for the Jetson Nano, TX2, Xavier AGX and Xavier NX platforms
balena-go-hello-world Example of how to deploy Go code on a balena supported device.
balena-aws-device Device portion of balena/AWS integration
google-iot Google Cloud IoT integration
balena-timezone Example of how to set the timezone within a container
proxy-tunnel Connecting your device(s) to balenaCloud from behind a compatible proxy.
jetson-nano-sample-app Sample App with instructions for Jetson Nano
balena-device-node-exporter On-device node_exporter
device-cloud-logging An example of using the journald log streaming endpoint on balena-supervisor
balena-multiapp-project Sample project to demonstrate how to integrate several existing balena projects in one
community-cli-action A community built GitHub action that allows you to use the balena CLI
device-tags Examples on how to use the balena API & SDK to set device tags from within your app.
nginx-reverse-proxy Access multiple ports over public URL using nginx reverse proxy.
balena-java-hello-world Hello Java in balena
balena-datadog Balena + Datadog Example Project
baletheus Balena Service Discovery for Prometheus
balena-google-apps-script-sheet-skeleton Skeleton template for google sheets projects.
aws-iot-provision Lambda function to provision a device with AWS IoT
balena-cpp-hello-world Example of how to deploy C++ code on a balena supported device.
balenalib-systemd-example Example project using systemd with balenalib images
balena-aws-iot-mqtt-example Sample project showing how to connect your Balena device to a AWS IoT MQTT broker
wifi-connect-custom-ui-example An example on how to customize the captive portal of WiFi Connect
balena-netdata Netdata configuration for internal on-device monitoring
balena-ros2-CUDA-trt-pose-estimation An installation of ROS2 Eloquent in a container, with a full desktop environment, CUDA, PyTorch, OpenCV, and TensorRT ready to deploy computer vision ROS applications on balena devices.
cloud-relay Relay data to an IoT cloud provider via MQTT
hostapd-enterprise Resin multicontainer hostapd-powered access point with WPA-EAP (Enterprise) authentication
example-build-secrets-and-variables Example of build time secrets and variables on balenaCloud
balena-electron A simple example of how to get an Electron application running on Balena
balena-ros2-foxy-base A basic installation of ROS2 Foxy in a container, ready to deploy on balena devices.
balena-updates-lock Example project of simple updates locking
balena-idling Likely the most minimalist project to deploy on a balena device
healthcheck-publicurl Demo of Docker healthcheck functionality for a balena service (through public device URL)
balena-nginx-hello-world Simple nginx example on balena
balena-avahi mDNS/.local resolution with Avahi within a container
balena-haskell-hello-world Example of how to deploy haskell code on a balena supported device.
hostapd-minimal Minimal hostapd access point example for
meta-exporter The People's Exporter
balena-aspnet-core A simple multi-container-ready project demonstrating the use of the Microsoft ASP.Net Core 2.2 framework
google-coral-dev-sample Sample Application running in container on BalenaOS, for the Google Coral Dev Board
tx2-container-contracts-sample Sample TX2 application with optional containers tied to device L4T version
remote-local-logging Receiver of logs
coral-getting-started A getting started example project for on balenaCloud
ROS-AutonomousVehicle Sample project to show ROS autonomous vehicle running in a balena container.
balena-ros2-foxy-desktop An installation of ROS2 Foxy in a container, with a full desktop environment, ready to deploy on balena devices.
system-metrics Collect metrics on device performance and forward to MQTT
network-metrics-logger Log metrics on network I/O
balena-zerotier-gateway Fully working ZeroTier container with IP forwarding an masquerading to the LAN.
tx2-sample-app Jetson TX2 Sample Application
sample-gcr-registry-secrets Sample balena push/deploy with Google Container Registry (GCR) private images
balena-c-hello-world Getting started with C on balena
ruuvitag Collect data from a ruuvitag BLE sensor and chart it in a dashboard
balena-ts-node-hello-world A simple TypeScript Node.js Express server
nvidia-x86 Example of using CUDA on an Nvidia GPU in an x86 device.
balena-hello-world-skeleton A skeleton to use for your next balena hello world repostiory
balena-cloudflare-tunnel A simple balenaBlock to route your application through Cloudflare Tunnel
cb-gcp-iot-provision Cloud function to provision a device with ClearBlade IoT on GCP
test-bluetooth Test case for internal bluetooth on various boards (artik5, artik710 etc.)
rpi3-alsa-test Test case for 3.5 audio jack on the rpi3
alwaysai-starter-apps Sample project to showcase how to run alwaysAI starter apps in balenaOS.
balena-poll-publicurl Poll a device publicURL forever.
jetson-nano-x11 Jetson Nano X11 Example
gcp-iot-provision Cloud function to provision a device with Google Cloud IoT
azure-iot-provision Azure function to provision a device with Azure IoT
cloud-relay-starter Create a fleet to experiment with cloud IoT integrations using Cloud Relay block
balena-hyperpixel4-square Minimal example of using Hyperpixel4 Square w/touch on balena
balena-multistage-dockerfile-example How to leverage multi-stage Dockerfile with to improve DX with balena.
setup-balena-action Install the balena CLI in your GitHub Actions workflow

To find the complete list of projects to try and deploy, head to balenaHub!